True Back® is a “non-powered orthopedic traction device” designed to relieve back pain, stress, tension and improve posture. True Back® is totally portable, being only two feet long and weighing about two pounds. The new True Back® is adjustable, with the foam infills in place the traction and mobilization pressure is milder. Remove the infills and the traction effect increases. True Back is the best self-traction device for a painless, flexible spine; and was designed to stretch and mobilize the individual vertebral segments in a way somewhat similar to a subtle chiropractic adjustment, thereby relieving pain and improving posture.

Primary Position 2
High-end towards base of spine

The gently curved shape of the device allows the head and pelvis to be passively stretched in opposite directions. The natural traction is created when the force of gravity causes an interaction between the special shape of the unit and the user’s body weight. This supported ‘intersegmental traction style‘ effect decompresses the vertebrae. With the high end towards the head, the device favors the neck and upper back areas. Reverse the device with the higher end towards the base of the spine and the lower back receives most of the traction force.


Some conditions that trigger lower back pain include:

Bulging disc – the discs weaken and move into the area of the spinal cord

Sciatica – damage to the sciatic nerve, causing nerve pain

Skeletal Irregularities

Muscle Tension/stiffness

For traction/decompression therapy or to stretch and relax tight muscles in the lower back, simply lie on the device for 3 -5 minutes with the high end towards your lower back. That’s all there is to it.

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