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I have a degenerative disc in my lower back and have been moving furniture and getting the floors ready for carpet. Holy moly this thing helped me. I only took 2-3 mins to lay down on the True Back and it was awesome! I have been bragging it made a difference in just a short time which amazed me honestly. Thanks so much!
B. Buchanan
I have had a bad back since I can remember and had surgery when I was 33 to correct a few bulging discs. I have never really been comfortable since. Have used it only a couple of times and the results has worked wonders on my spine. It has been decades since my back has felt so loose and aligned. Your product has changed my day-to-day life. Thanks!
M. Wilson
"I took the True Back home to try and I, myself received immediate results. I then gave it to my husband to use, he has a severe back injury and he too swears by the True Back. He tried everything to relieve the pain, pills, physical therapy, hot and cold packs and nothing seemed to relieve the pain for any lasting amount of time. He swears by your product. I'd like to thank all of you at True Back for helping me give my husband more comfort than he has had in three years."
- T. Hawes
San Carlos, CA
"The TRUE BACK is an excellent device to relieve lower back pain. I have several friends who have also purchased TRUE BACK and are equally satisfied."
- Margitta Rattmacher
Largo, FL
"Must tell you how much my husband and I love True Back! I have been doing yoga for 36 years so I am incredibly limber. Recently had a painful bout with sciatica and got relief from True Back. Skeptical husband has had trouble with back forever; used True Back at my urging and is a true believer. He uses it daily also."
- P. & R. Mass
Philadelphia, PA
"I was suffering ever-increasing lower back pain. It had degenerated to the point where I had to sometimes crawl from the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I decided to systematically try some therapy devices. I first bought an inversion table for a while. It relieved the pain a little, but hanging upside down was so unpleasant. Finally I decided to try the TRUE BACK. I had bypassed it the first two times, thinking it was too simple and too inexpensive to really work. I laid on the TRUE BACK for about 10 minutes before bed. It is very relaxing to lie there feeling the pressure gently melting away from my aching discs. The relief and relaxation are a great setup for deliciously restorative sleep. The TRUE BACK has helped me remain TOTALLY PAIN FREE for about six months now. I am so glad that TRUE BACK has kept me away from the knife."
- G. Cox
Charlotte, NC
"I have been using True Back every day for half a year. My history: I have suffered from back pain for 20 years. I always wanted to do something about it, so I have spent a lot of time and money on the following zone therapy: acupuncture, massage, chiropractors, craniumsakral therapy , new pillows, magnetic blankets, new mattress, infrared light, vibration massage and novafon. Some of the above have given a little relief, but none have taken away the constant soreness in my back. With True Back I now feel good in my back. I use TRUE BACK every day and I expect to do so for the rest of my life, but again, I only had to pay for it once. Having tried so many things that did not cure me I know that with True Back you have a fantastic product."
- Tove T.
"In my office, I had a stand up desk for 7 years. I couldn't tolerate sitting. The worst part of my day was getting out of my car to go to my office. It was agony and so, after no more than a month, after I got the True Back, I got rid of my stand up desk and got an orthopedic chair and I have had it ever since. Shortly after that, I am baseball fanatic and I jointed the Nation Baseball Association and in the over 30 league (I was in my 40's at the time) have played for over 10 years and I was the MVP in 1998!!"
- G. Dufault
"The True Back will literally help the body itself to adjust, helping me from going into a full blown migrane at times or help in decreasing the time I'm in a migrane. Since I have over extension in all my joints, this product has been the best one for me."
- R. & S. Argo
Perry, GA
"I've had a bad back for 30 years. The True Back is great! My back feels great!! I'd recommend it to everybody . . . . . it works!!!"
- J. Hogan
Saratoga Springs, NY
"Your True Back is helping me enjoy golf again. I've had a bad back for years and was only able to play golf once a week. Now when I use your True Back before and after each round I am able to play every day."
- G. Connors
Ormond Beach, FL
"My husband bought me a True Back and after suffering for 40 years with back pain and many, many visits to the osteopath, I find a few minutes on True Back stops the pain and stiffness. How I wish that the device had been available years ago! I do notice whilst on True Back the stretching and lengthening of my spine and lots of clicks as my vertebrae move! Thank you for your time and True Back!!"
- G. Eades
Hampshire, ENGLAND
"I was suffering with ever increasing lower back pain. It had degenerated to the point where I had to sometimes crawl from the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I decided to systematically try some therapy devices. I first bought an inversion table. It relieved the pain a little. Next, I bought a traction device that looked like a tire inner tube, but still it only seemed to help a little.
Finally, I decided to try the True Back. I lie on the True Back on my carpeted bedroom floor for about ten minutes before bed. It is very relaxing to lie there feeling the pressure gently melting away from my aching discs. True Back gives my back muscles the same mellowing tingle I experience after a very good professional therapeutic massage. The relief and relaxation are a great setup for deliciously restorative sleep. The True Back has helped me remain TOTALLY PAIN FREE for about six months now. I am so glad that True Back has kept me away from the knife. "
- Greg C.
Charlotte, NC
"I have suffered with a bad back for several years. I live a very active life yet the pain had forced me to rest completely. I was barely able to walk. I could not sleep on my side and I rarely slept for more than two hours. I am a P.E. teacher and I am now working with more energy since using TRUE BACK. I can do my job and enjoy the full life I had almost given up."
- E. Wilkinson
Manchester, ENGLAND
"My physical activities during my youth and adult life were dedicated to hockey. After six major surgeries I was left with chronic back problems and soft tissue damage in my lower back. My physical activity during my retirement was limited. I was resurrected using TRUE BACK on a regular basis in conjunction with my physical therapist. I can now enjoy a physical and active lifestyle."
- Calvin Hatt
Dunedin, FL
"After 35 years of back pain and endless trips to the chiropractor, I have finally found something that lets me take control of my back. Things that I avoided before because of the back pain and suffered later are now possible. I use my TRUE BACK each morning, before and after tasks that previously caused problems and whenever I just want a good stretch. Before I got my TRUE BACK I was going to the chiropractor every 2-3 weeks, but since I got it 3 months ago, I haven't been back. It is truly worth every penny and I wouldn't sell it for 10 times the amount. Thanks again."
- L. Bush, R.N.
"I was taking up to 6 EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL per day to help relieve my severe headaches. Sometimes I could not stand the pain and no option but to go to bed and sleep. I felt so bad it affected my appetite and I generally felt dreadful. In May of this year, a friend showed me her TRUE BACK, I had my usual headache at the time and she explained that the device would help to relieve the pain. I did not see how this simple device could help, but I laid on it for about 5 minutes and my headache completely disappeared. Since purchasing a TRUE BACK my life has completely changed; my consumption of medicine for headaches no nil, I use my TRUE BACK on a regular basis, especially when I feel a headache coming on. Also, I take my TRUE BACK with me all the time, it's so easy and light to handle"
- T. Fuson
St. Joseph, MO
"I have always been very active; I am 80 years of age and I continue to maintain my 5 acres of orchard. Obviously after a hard day I feel a little stressed and tense. TRUE BACK is simple to use and gives me immediate results. If I find it difficult to fall asleep I get up, lay on TRUE BACK for a few minutes; when I get back to bed, sleep is no problem. I am completely sold on TRUE BACK. It is drug free and natural. I advise anyone with back problems to try it."
- MJ Hughs
Sequim, WA
"I just wanted to drop you a note about the True Back. If you would like me to write a testimonial, I would be happy to (although I imagine you have tons already!). You had sent two of them over here and both my husband and I have been using it and I LOVE IT. Anyway, I wanted to acknowledge you for selling it and I promote it whenever possible because it works so well."
- L. Barry
Seminole, FL
"I'm a 55 year old computer professional AND entrepreneur. I work 40 hours a week sitting at a computer for my bread-and-butter paycheck, and another 30-40 hours a week standing behind a counter or lifting and moving boxes of books in the bookstore. I became afflicted with bad back muscle spasms which quickly became debilitating. I could stand up straight or walk without severe pain. THANK GOD for True Back! One 15-minute session and I am sleeping great, waking up without pain, standing erect, off the drugs, and walking . . . no, STRUTTING my stuff again!! Now I'm a True Believer in True Back!!"
- M. Miller
Raleigh, NC
"I have suffered the tortures of the damned for more than twenty-five years with back pain. I have seen doctors, chiropractors, popped pills, had massages - you name it. Nothing, and I mean nothing ever helped. The longest period of relief I would experience would be a matter of minutes to hours, then I was right back where I sat in my rocking chair, crying my eyes out for the pain. I have used it twice a day for more than a week now and have not experienced any back pain whatsoever. NONE!! I don't know how to say thank you. I was at my wits end when I ordered True Back and now have a new lease on life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
- S. Vargas
"I couldn't even walk and when I got off of True Back, I had no pain. It was instant!!!. I was in a car accident, got whiplash and it kept getting worse; went to every kind of doctor there was, went to a spine clinic, chiropractor, physical therapist. For over two years, I kept throwing my back out every couple of weeks. I borrowed my friend's True Back; I got up and NO PAIN and went out and played 18 holes of golf with no pain. I love the device!"
- T. Matson, Housewife
"I have suffered for years from terrible headaches, the kind behind the eyes that really hurts. I tried taking about every drug over the counter. After finally trying my father's TRUE BACK the pain was gone within minutes. I'm thrilled I have discovered this new breakthrough."
- Tiffany Ansley
Springfield, MO
"Although I use TRUE BACK quite regularly, two instances come to mind in it's remarkable ability to relieve pain. The instance was pain I was suffering from a condition called shingles. The second was a pinched nerve in my upper back. Just a few minutes on the True Back and I was a new man. I have and will continue to use the TRUE BACK as well as always recommend it to others."
- John Dawson
Chico, CA
"The True Back is an amazing piece. There have been so many times when I would go to a chiropractor and/or a neuromuscular massage therapist and it just wouldn't do the trick. I lie down for a few minutes on the True Back and I get up . . . the world is a different place. It really works!! Believe me, I am over 400 pounds with chronic back pain. I've tried everything, I've used acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, robotic deep tissue manipulation, exercise, water therapy, chiropractic and numerous medications, and nothing really works every time like TRUE BACK. I am so grateful to have this device."
- M. Ehmig
Clearwater, FL
"Many thanks for your wonderful invention. I have used it with great success since I had a total hip replacement. I work as a staff coach for the Rugby League in England and have suffered back pain for many years, probably as a result of sports injuries occurred whilst playing professional rugby. I started to use the TRUE BACK some three months after having my hip replacement and it had quite an amazing effect. The TRUE BACK has worked within two weeks and I feel like a different person. Thank you. You have a great product!"
- E. Fitzsimmons
"I'm 54 years old and have been playing golf for 46 years and suffering from a bad back for the last 14. Unfortunately, this has caused me to stop playing, sometimes for years. Three months ago I went to play golf with a friend, armed with a book and reading glasses, expecting read in the clubhouse. I had lower back pain as well as sciatic pain in my butt and half way down one leg. After a few practice shots, it was clear, playing was out of the question. While in the clubhouse one of the guys I play with asked what was the problem and said he had something that would help. He came back with a True Back and asked me to lay down on it. After 5 minutes in each direction I got up with virtually no pain. I was able to raise and move my let as I had not done in 6 months. I went out and played 18 holes with no pain. After playing I bought True Backs (2 for friends). I have yet to experience back pain since using True Back. Thank you!!"
- T. Smith
Safety Harbor, FL

"This is the first time I have done a therapy that provided almost instant results, and only after 2 uses the first day!

I am now in my 3rd day of using the device 2 times daily for 5 minutes each for both neck and lower back. I wish I would have known about this device a long time ago, as I would have saved thousands.

Before I started I couldn't hardly turn my neck without pain. Now I have almost full motion with almost no pain!

I would highly recommend it, even if you don't have pain, as a preventive measure!"

- Paul Smith
Chicago, IL
"True Back is a remarkable device that has helped me become pain free in my lower back for the first time in over 20 years. When I first got on the device, it was pure torture, but after a couple of days with short sessions of around a minute each, I began to feel relief. I am truly amazed that such a light weight and simple product could provide such relief for someone that has been suffering far too long with back pain!"
- Rae Davis
"I have had respiratory problems for the last three years and have had to take medication. This has concerned me, as one hears about the possible side effects. I was given a TRUE BACK as a Mothers Day present. While laying on it I experienced an opening of my chest. Consequently my breathing has improved and I shall shortly be off medication. I use TRUE BACK several times a day and it has improved my well being."
- Alice Klecker
"I have suffered with a bad back for several years. I live a very active life yet the pain had forced me to completely stop any activities, I enjoyed. I was barely able to walk. After several different types of therapy, Physio and Osteopath in particular I had tried your product TRUE BACK and it has changed my life completely. Within one week, I saw and felt a difference and after two weeks I return to my old self of many years ago. Many thanks for your wonderful invention."
- Elizabeth W
"My back has been so painful that I literally have crawled down the hallway to get to the bathroom. Heating pads. Hot baths. 800 mg ibuprofen + darvon + acetaminophen every 6 hours. Yeah. Been there, know that level of pain. True Back is EVERYTHING claimed for it, possibly more. If your back is killing you True Back is the final solution."
- R. Mickim
Midwest US
"Usually skeptical about stuff advertised on TV . . . mostly because all infomercials lie. My wife bugged me to get one. Received in two days and we both love this very simple gadget. Great design that allows your spinal column to be cradled in the correct orthopedic manner and get instant relief the moment you lie on it. I am shocked that this simple device works so well; anyone with back pain could use the True Back. I will purchase more for friends."
- James Walder
Panama, FL
"This is one of the greatest inventions. I would not be able to function every day if it were not for my True Back. By using it every morning when I get up and every night before I go to bed, I am able to sleep better and work all day without nagging pain in my lower back. It is truly worth the money."
- Mel

"The first time I used TRUE BACK it immediately made my upper back pop a few times. It felt good! Then I turned it around and put the hump-end under my lower back, and laid back down on it. Within 2 minutes my back popped several times, and I felt much better!

That back pain did not come back. After a week or so, I figured that my back had gotten tweaked out, and apparently the true-back re-aligned it that quick.

The device is small, and will slide under a bed. I keep mine in its box in a closet."

- Andrew Givens
Diamond Bar, CA
"I have a deformity of my spine and have been plagued by back pain and numbness in my legs. My TRUE BACKhas eliminated all back pain and I can now enjoy long car rides without numbness in my legs. The TRUE BACK is fantastic."
- J. Delzangle
Palm Harbor, FL

"My Dad has been living with back pain for years and is at the point of having surgery but he does not want that. His girls are always trying to find him relief. I bought him a True Back and now he says this is the first time he has had no back pain. You can hear it in his voice how much better he feels. He even was able to take his grandkids to SeaWorld - something he could never do before because of all the walking on pavement causing too much pain.

I am very happy with the product and the company"

- Customer
Las Vegas, NV

"Doctors couldn't see anything wrong with my back. Amazingly, I felt good the first time I tried True Back. It's been about 2 weeks since I got it and I feel great. Not only I am pain free now, I also have a lot more energy. To me, this is the greatest invention since slice of bread. It practically gives me my life back.

A word of caution - follow the instructions, do not use it for too long in the beginning, else you may develop uncomfortable symptoms. I also keep the foams in place and cover the entire area with a small blanket until you get used to it."

- M. Yang
Redmond, WA

"This device decompresses my spine and takes all the tension out of my back. Each time I use it and get up, I have an incredible feeling of well being.

It takes only about 5-10 minutes each day and I feel great. The first time I tried it, it felt like a torture device but I believe that my body was that far out of whack. By the 3rd session I leaned to relax on the True Back and allow it to perform as it was designed.

Give it a try. It has changed my life and just might help you too."

- S. Brennan
"In my experience it helped tremendously, I was getting up in the mornings and could barely walk. After going through some physical therapy and using the True Back I was able to stay deployed with my Soldiers. I would recommend True Back to anyone who has back problems."
- Kenneth B.

"Thank you True Back!!! I brought my uncle the true back last week, he was in hospital with a lung infection that would not allow him to have the needed back surgery to help with the pain of a ruptured disk, severe back pain and sciatica pain; in only one use, the next morning he had no pain! He phoned me absolutely surprised and in shock that anything could help so quickly. He isn't cured of back problems, but for the first time in 30 years he hasn't had the 24hr a day pain, he even slept during the night! He said it's a miracle, last week he couldn't even walk the hospital corridor without his hips going out and sciatica pain down both legs.

Thank you again True Back!"

- D. Webb
"I don't know if you will get this, but I must say this is the best thing I have found, after 15 years of back pain. I finally found some relief, this is the greatest thing and it works! My pain level has dropped from a 12 to and 2 in just a week. I can clean my house once again. Thank you very much for your product and my husband says thank you too, because I'm not grouchy anymore from the pain I was having."
- Diana

"I bought a True Back from you last year. I just wanted to write to you, and say thank you for your invention. I have had 4 lower back surgeries, before I bought your product. After using it for a year now, it is honestly the best back care product I have ever owned.


If I had a True Back earlier I may not have had so many surgeries. It is too late for that, for me, but I tell everyone who will listen, to buy one for themselves. It's the best hundred bucks they will ever spend. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you."

- David

"I have never written a letter like this before, but I had to write to tell you how fantastic your product is. I had a neck fusion back in 2004. I wound up bulging a couple of disks in my upper back and had suffered extreme pain, could not sleep, hands going numb for a long time. I was taking an unhealthy amount of drugs, but could not get through a day without taking a lot of them.

I was thrilled when the True Back arrived. I read the info, watched the video and used it immediately. FIRST night I used it I did not wake up with my arms and hands going numb. I have gone a MONTH without taking drugs.

I call your product my True Miracle! It has worked so well, honestly I am pain free about 95 percent of the time. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a fantastic product. It is truly priceless for the pain free days I now have come to expect."

- Rick Kasper
"I have had back pain 24 hrs a day 7 days a week since I fell in August 2001. I have seen Orthopedics and been to physical therapy with no relief. I also saw a chiropractor which gave me short term (1 or 2 days) relief. I bought the True Back, did the exercises on it and I have not had ANY PAIN in my back at all. No kidding. It works. If any customer wants to call me on this they can."
- Stephen W
Washington D.C.
"I have a deformity of my spine and have been plagued with back pain and numbness in my legs. TRUE BACK has eliminated the back pain and numbness. I think the TRUE BACK is fantastic!"
- Joan D.
"True Back gave me immediate results. I then gave the unit to my husband to use, he has a severe back injury; he also now swears by the TRUE BACK. He uses it up to four times a day and takes it with him wherever he goes. He had tried everything to relieve his pain, pills, physical therapy, hot and cold packs, etc. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain for a lasting amount of time like your product. I would like to thank all of you at True Back for giving my husband and myself more comfort than we have had in the last three years."
- Mrs. Tammy H.
"After 35 years of back pain and endless trips to the chiropractor I have finally found something that lets me take control of my back. Things that I avoided before because the back pain I would suffer later are now possible. I use my True Back each morning, before and after tasks that previously caused problems and whenever I just want a good stretch. Before I got my True Back I was going to the chiropractor every 2-3 weeks, but since I got it 3 months ago I haven't been back. It is truly worth every penny. I wouldn't sell it for 10 times the amount. Thanks again."
- Laurel, RN