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Reduce and eliminate back pain, spasms, sciatica, cramps, stress and tension

Increase and experience flexibility, relief, circulation, range of motion, and posture

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All this relief for under $100!

Also available in dark wood!

The Dark Wood and Light Wood TRUE BACKS share the same beautiful, sturdy design to provide your back with maximum support. Limited stock, get yours now!

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The Amazing TRUE RELIEF Joint & Muscle Gel (2 oz container). Specially blended to work with True Back. Normally $14.95.

Only available in 48 contiguous states.


TRUE BACK "the original back stretcher"
is natural, drug free, convenient & affordable

FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device, doctor recommended, used by medical professionals worldwide for over 20 years.

Treatments take only a few minutes and can be performed in the comfort of your home, office or workplace.

TRUE BACK not only corrects existing health problems, but is very effective for preventative measures.

TRUE BACK provides many more benefits such as increased circulation, improved sleep, rejuvenation and relaxation.

TRUE BACK provides clinical grade spinal decompression therapy. It also achieves a natural stretch of the spine and the traction effect can be adjusted.

90 DAY Money Back Guarantee 

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TRUE BACK is so good, we don’t just offer 30 days, we offer a full product refund 90 day money back guarantee (minus s&h). Remember you can get your money back with TRUE BACK, but you can’t get back the precious time you lose to pain.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

TRUE BACK (both models) come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty for manufacturer’s defects for breakage with normal and suggested use. If the above product(s) has a manufacturer defect the item(s) may be returned for repair or replacement at any time.

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