Parkinsons' Sufferers

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Parkinson’s is a motor system disorder and is one of the most widespread neurological disorders of the elderly. Parkinson’s affects both males and females and usually develops after 50 years old. In 1817 a British doctor James Parkinson described the disease as “the shaking palsy”. Since Parkinson was thoroughly involved with observations of the medical condition, the disease was named after him.

Normally the brain has nerve cells that contain dopamine, which sends signals to aid in the production of the muscles moving efficiently. Parkinson’s occurs when there is a significant loss or damage of the dopamine-producing cells. Consequently, it makes it harder to manage movements of the body.

The top four symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include:

  • Tremor: A shaking of the hand, legs, or arms.
  • Decrease in movement: Also known as bradykinesia, the every day tasks may take more time than usual to accomplish.
  • Muscle stiffness: Also known as akinesia, and can occur throughout your body and cause back pain problems.
  • Walking and balance problems

Other symptoms that occur are: speech changes, dementia, leg discomfort and low blood pressure. The disease also causes sciatica pain/low back pain.

Even though the exact cause of Parkinson’s has not been determined, there are some main factors that aid in the development of the disease.

  • 1. Insufficient amount of dopamine
  • 2. Genetics
  • 3. Toxins in the environment

Studies have not found an exact method of preventing Parkinson’s but eating healthy vegetables, fruits and fish; along with taking Vitamin E and C may help in protection against the disease.
*Individual results may vary.