Golfers with Back Pain

Golfers experience great relief with the True Back!*

More than 30% of golfers have issues related to low back pain that has affected their ability to enjoy the game of golf. A little effort to prevent back injury and low back pain goes a long way. Four ways to prevent back pain problems after golf: warm up, accurate swing, correct posture and proper carrying of the golf bag.

Not warming up is a sure way to sprain one’s back muscles and cause extreme back pain. A complete warm up before starting golf includes stretching and easy swings. It is crucial for the muscles to get ready for the game. Muscles that have been stretched and gradually warmed up, are much less prone to being injured while playing golf and can take more stress before being strained or sprained.

Practice your swing before playing to prevent low back pain. Golfers should develop a smooth, rhythmic swing; which produces less stress on the lower back. To avoid back injuries, it’s advised beginners work with a golf pro when starting out. Aspects of the golf swing are not natural or intuitive. The force generated by the golf swing stresses the lower back. The stress to the lower back is more common to the younger population 30 to 40 year olds, this generation tends to swing the hardest while playing golf and an easy swing is a must. Flexibility is necessary in golf because it will help achieve a more accurate swing. The TRUE BACK can be used to increase flexibility and range of motion, while restoring postural balance.

Improve posture and maintain good balance by slightly bending the knees and keeping your feet the correct width apart. Your spine should be straight and body bent slightly forward from the hips. Your weight should be distributed evenly on the balls of your feet.

The repeated bending over to pick up a golf bag can stress the back. Dual shoulder straps are advised to divide the weight across the back and reduce the chances of developing lower back pain from an uneven load. An integrated golf bag stand that opens when the bag is set on the ground can eliminate the need to bend over.

The most frequent golf injuries are: muscle strains, low back pain, bulging disc and backaches. The treatments for back pain include: resting for 2-3 days, ice and hot compresses, and stretching using the TRUE BACK. The True Back provides natural pain relief and treatments take only a few minutes. Active and athletic people appreciate the many benefits that the TRUE BACK offers.

Terry Matson went to every kind of doctor there was from a Chiropractor, to a spine clinic, to a physical therapist on a stretching machine. She tried everything and nothing could help her. One day her friend Mel saw she was in a lot of pain and brought over his True Back. She said, “I laid on it for about seven minutes each way. When I got up I had NO PAIN…I went out and played 18 holes of golf. I felt perfect!” Try the True Back today and get back to playing golf!*
*Individual results may vary.