Sciatica Pain Relief Treatment: An Unconventional Approach to Pain Relief

Alternative healing methods, mostly in case of body and joint pain, are proving to be more effective and hassle-free than the conventional drugs and medical treatments. One such method that has garnered much praise for its atypical approach and supportive results is the modern orthopedic traction device.

Designed to provide relief from prolonged cases of back pain, spasms and sciatica, these ingenious traction devices are designed to increase flexibility in the lower back while also restoring the range of motion in shoulders. True Back is a natural, drug free, convenient, and affordable mechanical device that takes only a few minutes of your time. It can be used in the comfort of one’s home, office, or workplace.

This sciatica pain relief treatment using a traction device is quite different from conventional alternative healing methods such as magnets and hot and cold packs, as it has an enduring effect on the affected portions of the body. The pressure created on the body is quite unique and is beneficial as it doesn’t stress the muscles. On the contrary, it relaxes the muscles that ensures a balanced and increased blood flow to the affected areas. So if you have been scouring the internet for back exercises for pain relief, you can opt for this device and feel the difference.




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