Pros and Cons of Each Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers: Sleeping on your back is great because your back is straight. The neck would also be in the correct position if you do not sleep with a pillow. Be careful because if you use too many pillows it could become difficult for you to breath. The cons to sleeping on your back are that one could snore more and have sleep apnea. The reason behind snoring when laying on your back is gravity which forces the tongue to collapse into the airway, which then hinders breathing.

Side Sleepers: Side sleeping is great for pregnancy due to the improvement of circulation to the heart. For those who are not pregnant, side sleeping will ease acid reflux and heartburn. The cons include putting more pressure on the lungs and stomach. Lastly, sleeping on your side could cause your arm to go numb.

Stomach Sleepers: The only two pros to sleeping on your stomach include reduced snoring and sleep apnea. One of the cons include flattening of the natural curve of the spine. When you sleep on your side, you also turn your head either to the right or left. This causes strain on the neck.

People usually wake up in the position that is most comfortable to them. If you are waking up with back and neck pain, try sleeping in a different position. If you continue to have pains, try using True Back which is the best lower back pain reliever and could lead to a better night’s rest. It is also quite helpful in relief from sciatica back pain.




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