Know More About The Reasons For Back Pain And Its Remedy

Did you know that 85 percent of people suffer from back pain for 4-5 days in a row? There are several causes that could be the reason for your back pain.

Cigarettes – Around 17 percent of people who have lower back pain are also diagnosed with being nicotine dependent. Why does this happen? Nicotine causes a chain reaction in your body. When one smokes, nicotine decreases the blood flow for your whole body. This results in a reduction of nutrients flowing towards the discs in your spine. Less nutrients cause the discs to shrink and eventually die. This process causes pain. Although disc degeneration happens with aging, nicotine tends to shrink the discs more which produces more pain.

Depression –A study has shown that 1 out of 5 people who suffer from depression also have back pain. It is unclear whether the back pain causes depression or depression causes the back pain. Another thought as to why these two are related is that depression can lower your pain tolerance.

Alcohol –About 15 percent of people who suffer from back pain also admitted to alcohol abuse. Even though alcohol and back pain are not cause and effect, but the consequences of drinking may lead to back pain. If you are spending every night at the bar, you are probably not working out your muscles. This could cause back pain.

Overweight –Like cigarettes, about 17 percent of people who are overweight also state that they have low back pain. Why? Extra weight could increase pressure on your spine. Lastly, a bigger belly could pull your spine forward which leads to more stress on your back.

Driving Commute – Driving can cause back pain? Yes, this is due to the vibrations produced by your car and the bumps in the road. The vibration was shown in a study to damage the outer area of your spinal discs.

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